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Some pretty droplet shots from after all this rain we've been having. The roses are out in full bloom, and holy crap they are gorgeous! These were all taken with my canon EF 50mm F1.8 lens, and not my macro. Sometimes macro lenses are just way too high maintenance- we don't always have time for tripods and long shutter speeds, am I right?


  1. Love all of these! I was just reading about a 'leave all lenses but your nifty fifty at home' challenge, and now I reallyyyy want to do it. You can do so much with DOF with a 50mm - & you've made some lovely images!

  2. I actually don't even own a single other lens right now. My kit one broke and I have yet to invest in another to replace it. I'd do well with that challenge! hahaha.

  3. Droplets are so pretty! Gardens are the best for frolicking about and taking photos, haha.


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