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Portrait Sessions: Sharon

Some shots from a session I had with Sharon at an abandoned mill near Ottawa. We originally had a hair and makeup team involved, but because we wanted to get out to the location as early as possible, we opted for efficiency and did the styling, hair, and makeup by ourselves. I think it turned out splendidly, and I'm sure you'll see Sharon on the blog again soon because she was awesome to work with!

This location was an old carbide mill that is now just a shell with exterior walls and windows. It is well known my photographers here in Ottawa, but I love it just the same!


  1. That first and last pictures! Damn and also damn and also WHY AM I NOT IN CANADA SO WE CAN COLLABORATE. (Do you want to do a collab anyway? I just had a thought.)

  2. Yeah, for sure! I wouldn't recommend moving to Canada though....Unless its vancouver! haha.

  3. These are stunning. The location is gorgeous- and the poses along the broken fence/wall are amazing.


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