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Travel Tuesday: New Brunswick

Good morning! Here is the final instalment of my eastern road trip for travel tuesday. If you like these posts though, don't worry - I have another road trip planned in just a few weeks, and will be doing a bit more traveling this summer. This tuesday I'm sharing my photos from New Brunswick, Canada. We camped very close to the Hopewell Rocks national park, right on the ocean (as was the trend on this trip! haha). We went to see the Hopewell rocks twice during our two days there, and it was definitely worth being so close to them! The tide here is one of the biggest in the world, and the ocean has worn away the coastline into these giant rock formations that you can walk around during low tide, or kayak around during high tide because of the difference in tide levels.

With the pass to the park you get 24 hours of admission, so that you can see the difference between high and low tide. We were leaving the second day to head home though, so we didn't get a chance to go during high tide, but we went back again earlier in the day hoping it would be a bit less busy. Not only was it less busy, but it was very foggy, making it quite different from the day before! We didn't spend very long on the second day, but it was nice to see the rocks in a different light. I would definitely recommend going during high tide as well though, if you ever do visit!

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