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What's in my Camera Bag?

Happy Monday! Today I thought I'd try something a little different and show you whats in my Camera Bag! I love seeing what other people use or take with them, so here is what I would generally take with me to a shoot. I use a backpack to carry my gear because I tend to choose locations that take a bit of hiking to get to, and also because its unisex, so my boyfriend can carry it without feeling like an idiot (haha!). I also usually bring my reflector, which unfortunately doesn't fit inside my bag, but does attach to the outside.

The camera and lens that I usually use are not pictured, as I was using them to take these photos - but they are the Canon Rebel T3i and 50mm f1.8 lens. In addition, I bring the following;

1> My Carena cx300 35mm film camera and 50mm f1.4 lens
2> Rolls of extra 35mm film
3> Pen-style lens cleaner
4> 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 (kit lens, not often used).
5> 24mm f2.8 prime lens
6> Extra 16GB memory card
7> Extra batteries, fully charged
8> Lens filters- Ultraviolet and magnification.
9> Gorilla-pod mini tripod
10> Extra Camera body, Canon EOS 20D

I hope you enjoyed seeing a little glimpse into what I bring with me. Thanks for stopping by :)

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