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Accidental Hipster

This dress is actually a combination of two separate dresses - this cat dress, and this plaid dress. It wasn't until I was sitting at my desk editing these photos that I realized how truly hipster this outfit was. Cats, Plaid, and glasses all in one outfit now seems all very much pre-planned, but in reality these are all just things I threw on- I was going to a pet expo the day I wore this, so the dress just seemed like a no-brainer. My glasses almost never leave my face, and I thought the plaid dress layered underneath was a clever way to keep warm. All in all I still like the outfit, but perhaps next time I'll wear my contacts ;)

Thanks goes to my boyfriend for taking these photos!

//Cat Dress: H&M
//Plaid Dress: c/o Wearall
//Bag: Forever 21 (similar)
//Boots: H&M
//Glasses: Bonlook

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