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Favourite Winter Outfits

It's getting time to pull out the giant scarves and bobble-hats, because winter is definitely coming! I've rounded up six of my favourite winter outfits from the past couple years to give you some style inspiration for the colder months. Three of them are casual, and three of them are a little dressier, so hopefully no matter how you dress, you'll be able to pull something similar together to keep you warm :)

P.s., can you tell I'm obsessed with Burgundy!? haha! I normally dress pretty casually, so we'll start with the casual looks. In Canada, the secret to staying warm (at least, in my opinion), is a really warm scarf, and good boots. And I like to match my scarf with either my bag or my hat, so that even if I have to wear a giant coat over top, I still look at least a little put-together.

Sheer Geometric

All Bundled Up

The Kurt Cobain

Fancy Snowflakes

Dressy Leopard

Leather Skirt

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