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Wallingford-Back Mine

If you saw my 'photo an hour' post from a few weeks ago, you may know that my boyfriend and I went to explore an old abandoned Quartz mine a few hours from our place. Some of these shots I took on film, so I had to wait for it to be developed before I could share, but without further adieu, I present to you the Wallingford-Back Mine. If you'd like more info on how to get here or the history of the mine, you can check it out here.

From the bottom, it really doesn't look like all that much. It kind of looks like a big cave that would be awesome to swim or scuba dive in. But if you continue walking around what seems like a big hill, and find a hole in the fence - you get the following views. Absolutely stunning, and massive. I couldn't stand on the edge, and sitting near the edge actually terrified me. I also realized that it probably would have been an awful idea to bring any dog that didn't have absolutely perfect name recall. If Kia got to close to the edge (which she never did), she would come right to you. I wouldn't recommend else anyone bring their dog though.

In the winter, the water inside the mine freezes over and people can skate and play hockey on the ice. I am super excited to go back and check it out when that is happening, because the view from inside the mine would be absolutely incredible!

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