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New Family Addition!

If you follow my on Instagram, you've probably already seen a million photos of our new dog, so please accept my apologies if you're an awesome reader and already know all about our newest family addition. But for the rest of you lovely humans, I'd like to introduce our new baby, Chuck! He was a rescue from a local dog shelter 'I am alive' pet rescue, and is (they think) a 2-yr old collie/husky x. It has been so much fun getting to know this little dude but also a challenge as his previous owners did not do almost any training it seems. We aren't sure if he spent most of his life in a kennel, or really much about him at all, but he is doing very well in obedience class and learning so quickly. He has the biggest personality, and we are so in love with him!

As you can see he is a very photogenic guy, and very handsome. We are looking forward to many, many years with Chuck as our adventure companion!

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