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Thailand Diaries: Koh Phi Phi

We arrived to Koh Phi Phi by taking a flight from Chiang Mai to Phuket, and then taking a taxi to the pier where we caught a ferry to Phi Phi island. This ferry also continued on to Koh Lanta. Since these two islands are very popular and very far away (a 2.5 hour ferry ride to the closer of the two, Phi Phi) the ferry costs a lot compared to most things in Thailand. 1000 Baht = $40 CAD, which having just come from the north was kind of a huge shock. We also made the mistake of hiring our own taxi at the airport instead of just pre-booking our ferry and getting the free taxi they were offering, as we assumed there would be another ferry company at the pier. We were wrong, but hey - you live and learn! The ferry ride there was long and very wet, and a lot of people were sick. It was raining so we couldn't sit outside, though all subsequent ferry rides were very pleasant sitting out on the boat deck.

We stayed at a place on the quiet side of the island called viking nature resort, and we all stayed in little tree huts on the beach. I would definitely suggest staying far away from the pier on koh phi phi if you aren't into the party life. There are no cars on the island so everything is within walking distance anyways.

The very first morning we hired a long tail boat and went snorkling in Maya bay, which is the bay made famous by a Leonardo Decaprio movie "the beach", or something. I'd never seen it. We went very early to miss the crowds (we basically had Maya bay to ourself) and the snorkling was decent, even though all the corals are bleached. it wasn't very sunny for us, but the water is beautiful anyways, and it made for much less sunburnt skin

Unfortunately my underwater camera consisted of my shitty samsung phone in a waterproof bag, so my photos were not great. I was also making a video of our trip, so most of my efforts were centered around getting a few good clips of some fish. These are a few passable phone shots, but I'm using the term "passable" very loosely here.

our boat driver also took us to a few close-by bays for some snorkeling. We had hired him for a four island tour, but we skipped one of the stops (a monkey beach... We had seen enough monkeys in the north!) to snorkel longer in Maya bay. One awesome thing you'll notice in Thailand is that the locals are incredibly friendly, and quick to offer advice in the best english they can.

Aside from snorkeling and nightlife, there is not a whole lot to Koh Phi Phi (the food is still great, and the beaches are awesome, but it is a very small island). For this reason, we only stayed 2 nights. I will say that the hike to the lookout was my favourite part, but we didn't do it until the very last day we were there. It is absolutely worth the stairs and the small fee. It's insanely beautiful, and if you hike early enough in the day all the rest of the island is still sleeping off its hangover, so you get pretty much everything to yourself. This was kind of a trend with most of the south, hahaha.

Koh Phi Phi was my favourite of the two islands we visited, but there are so, so many to see that I can't say how they compare to the rest. Up next is Koh Lanta, which is a bigger island just an hour ferry ride away.

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