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Thailand Diaries: Pai

After Chiang Mai we made the famous several hour drive up to Pai. This drive is so not for those who are easily car sick. It is hands down the curviest, craziest road I have ever been on....but it is absolutely stunning! My research of Thailand led me to Pai as there was a canyon and I cave that I really wanted to check out. It definitely did not disappoint! I would recommend two days in Pai, but no more - it is a very small town and aside from the canyon, caves, some waterfalls and a night market, there isn't a whole lot there.

Above are views from our hotel just outside the town. It was actually a super weird hotel with all sorts of characters painted on the walls (ours were bears), but the location was perfection and the view was amazing. If you don't get creeped out easily, the carina guest house is where we stayed. Its rated very highly on trip advisor.

Tham Lod cave is what drew us most to Pai. This is an absolutely massive cave with a river flowing through it, and was by far the most impressive cave I've ever seen. for 150 Baht each you get a guide with a lantern, though there isn't any way around this fee. It is forbidden to go in without a hired guide. It was, in my opinion, the most well-spent $6 CAD I have ever spent!

After Tham lod we headed back into the town to check out the canyon. This is definitely the place to go to watch the sunset. I don;t really know how to describe this place because it is so much more than just a regular canyon, so photos will have to do the explaining for me.

A quick drive back to Chiang Mai for a night and it was off to the south - which honestly could be a completely different country for all the contrast to the North!

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