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Interested in working with This Analog Adventure? That's awesome! This Analog Adventure is a blog about Film Photography, Fashion, Travel, and Life. I started this blog in June 2013 so that I would have a place to share my photographs from my rediscovered love of Film Photography. Since then, it was grown in scope and in readership. Here are some stats for all you lovely numbers people out there.

as of July 1, 2014...
Total Followers: 1,860
Bloglovin' followers: 830
Instagram followers: 300
Facebook Page: 104 [New!]
Twitter followers: 380
Pinterest followers: 250
pageviews last month: 1,421

Items for Review & Styling

I would be happy to consider items that would fit with the aesthetic of my blog and are ethically produced for review, or styling in an outfit post. If you would like to send something for this purpose, please get in touch with me! All opinions will be my own, and will be honest. Please contact ThisAnalogAdventure(at)gmail.com for further inquiries.

The fine print

I reserve the right to remove anyone's banner who does not return the favor and display mine. All ad swaps will run for 30 days, unless we agree otherwise. If you'd like to swap for longer, just let me know!


Here are a couple of my banners - If you use a different size on your blog, Please email me at ThisAnalogAdventure(at)gmail.com and I can re-size them to fit

200 x 200

200 x 100

150 x 150


  1. Your blog is doing so well! I remember back when you had 70 followers, you've come such a long way since then, congratulations! :)
    I hope you're having a fantastic week!

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