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A while ago I did a post called "my camera collection", in which I explained a bit about each of my cameras. Unfortunately (well, maybe not unfortunately), my camera collection continues to grow. Therefore, making a page I can update makes it a lot easier for readers to find out more about my gear without me doing a new post each time. So here is my updated camera collection! Each and every one of these Cameras is in working condition.
sx-70 alpha
The Polaroid sx-70 is an instant SLR and is my (current) most used polaroid camera. I think the design on these is fabulous, it folds up into a tiny little rectangle and can be carried around easily without risk of getting lens scratches. I love mine and I would highly recommend it to anyone as its so easy to use!
I Bought mine for $60 on Kijiji- Seller wasn't sure if it was working so I tested it myself first. Takes impossible project px-100 film, or px-680/600 film with an ND filter.

sx-70 timezero onestep
sx-70 onesteps are fairly iconic (especially the white ones) because of their rainbow stripe. This often makes people feel the need to buy/sell them at way more than they are worth. Don't pay more than $20 for one of these if you can avoid it - its just a fixed-focus, plastic camera with very few features (doesn't come with a flash - mine is detachable, and not common). This was the first polaroid I bought but because it is large and there is no way to cover the lens during transit, I don't use it much! Takes impossible project px-100 film, or px-680/600 film with an ND filter.

600  onestep closeup
this little guy is a bit of a more complicated version of my sx-70 onestep, but has a few extra features. It has a flash which you ca choose to fire (pull the whole trigger) or not fire (pull only the first half of the trigger release). The top folds down to cover the lens, and it has a close-up lens that you can slide over to use. Admittedly the close up lens doesnt work very well, but maybe that is just my camera. I bought this for $5 at a garage sale. Takes impossible project px-680 film or original 600 polaroid film.

The one600 is probably my "newest" or more modern camera. Top folds down to protect the lens, fixed focus, built-in flash, very easy to use. Bought this for $10 from kijiji. Nice to toss into a purse/bag to carry around, and takes impossible project px-680 film or original 600 polaroid film. Not very pretty but it gets the job done.

Land Camera 320

The land Camera uses a completely different type of film that the other polaroids I have - the peel-apart FP100C packfilm made by fujifilm. This used to be more expensive than polaroid film, but now I believe it might actually be cheaper than a pack of impossible project film. I found this at a garage sale for $5, as the lady had no idea how to use it or if it worked. The land cameras also fold in, similar to the sx-70 SLR.
Carena CX-300
This camera is a great fully manual 35mm film camera that is very small and light, which makes it great to carry around. I use this camera and the canon T50 (below) the most out of my collection. It has a film advance lever and the light meter makes it super simple to shoot with. I found this camera for $20 at a value village and it came with a flash, lens, bag, and the manual. Takes any 35mm film.

Canon T50
This Camera is pretty much my baby. It comes everywhere with me, it is dependable, easy to use, and sturdy. All of the pictures on this page were taken with it, and if you take a look around my blog you'll see that it is my most-used 35mm camera (or just most-used camera overall). It is almost fully automatic, though you can set the aperture youself- it sets the shutter speed depending on what aperture you've selected. Found this at my local thift store for $40 including a flash, bag, and lens. Takes any 35mm film.

Nikon N2000
This was my family's camera, and has been sadly neglected for 20 years. When I started taking an interest in film I found this in our attic - sadly, it doesn't work well anymore, as the mirror has warped. A very nice fully manual camera, I would recommend a working one to somebody who wants to really learn about the fundamentals of photography.

Nikon Zoomtouch 500
Straight forward camera with a zoom and built-in flash. You can find similar cameras at thrift stores for $2 or cheaper (but make sure the battery works, because those bad boys cost about $15-20, as I found out). Easy to toss in a bag and take to the beach or pretty much anywhere and not worry about it. takes 35mm film.  
Canon Rebel T3i

I recently upgraded to the Rebel T3i due to its video capability. I paid $250 and traded my Rebel XT for this camera, which worked out perfectly! This camera is incredibly easy to use, the automatic portrait mode is actually very good, and it takes lovely video. It is, however, quite large...which is a bit unfortunate.

If you have any questions about any of my cameras, please leave them in a comment and I will get back to you! Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. I love your collection of film/analog cameras! It's a fine thing to walk against the grain of this overly-digital world sometimes, I think. =D

  2. I'm a little jealous of your collection... :)

  3. I might have some serious camera envy over here.

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